Why has my order not been shipped? 

ALL products are built to order, and it is likely they will take some time to create - typical lead times are 2-3 weeks for carbon fiber and FRP products. Also be sure to check that the item you ordered was not a pre order product, which means it will be shipped when the pre order phase ends.

How come the '525' is such an amazing shift knob?

It all comes down to the construction and design of it - the specifically calibrated weight combined with the low centre of gravity will produce a "balancing" effect on the shift linkage, and actually smooth out vibrational forces. The added mass also helps to give the shift knob momentum - which makes your gear change feel much smoother and easier.

My product was damaged when it arrived - who do I talk to?

Great question - in the rare event that the product was damaged during shipping, we will do our best to sort out the issue and deal with each matter as such. Please send us an email at infamous.streetspirit@gmail.com and we will do our best to respond promptly.