Why The "525" is KING

So the Infamous "525" just dropped - Yes, it looks absolutely stunning, yes it has a timeless design that will compliment any interior - but you gotta be asking yourself, is it REALLY that special???

The answer is simple - Yes. Yes it is.

The 525 is LITERALLY a technical masterpiece. It is the result of many late nights, early mornings, dozens of prototypes and redesigns, hundreds of scrapped ideas and "fresh starts", and over a year of planning and designing. WHY you ask, did it take us SO damn long to create this?

Well, the same reason that you landed on this website and are reading into this product to begin with. At a subconscious level, we both crave perfection. We understand that a PERFECT shift knob is not perfect just because of the way it looks, but because of the experience that it enables you to have behind the wheel.

The shift knob is one of the MOST overlooked and underestimated areas of a car - not many people realize that it is one of only a few areas of a car that provides a physical connection from the vehicle to the driver. A common, perhaps inexperienced driver would assume that a shift knob offers no functional advantage over competitors - we are here to prove them wrong. Those that have driven with the 525 would agree, this item is truly functional, it looks, and feels amazing. 

Some would say that I have a biased opinion on this matter, but I can assure you that I have VERY strong opinions on this situation, regardless of any personal biases. My personal vehicle is a 1993 Toyota Supra RZ, and I needed a shift knob that matched the experience my Supra gives me every time I drive it.

The six-speed, GETRAG gearbox that comes factory in the Supra is known to be very clunky and firm, yet incredibly strong. After using a relatively light aluminum shift knob for two years, I was unsatisfied with the feedback and driving feel that I was receiving, it was almost like the shift knob couldn't keep up with the aggressive transmission. This car has been my dream car since I was a child, I shouldn't feel like I'm shifting it with a toy! A car of this nature deserves - no, requires a shift knob of the same caliber. This is the reason that it took us so long to create, I needed something that complimented the style and simplicity of my build, while adding a distinct modern finish to the interior. What we've come up with can be seamlessly integrated in almost any build, and will provide an improved driving experience through mental and physical connection. It will help bridge the gap between man and machine.




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